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Padres 1B Eric Hosmer has been told he won’t be traded

Kevin Acee reported this morning that the veteran first baseman is staying put

Minnesota Twins v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

I’m sorry to give you some bad news this morning if you’re not an Eric Hosmer fan but it looks like he isn’t going anywhere before the trade deadline. Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune said on XTRA 1360 this morning "I know that he's been told that he won't be traded". Hosmer has a 0.4 fWAR with 8 home runs this season (the same number of home runs former Padre Jorge Mateo has).

San Diego Padres chairman Peter Seidler was seen speaking with Hosmer on the field prior to Saturday’s game against the Minnesota Twins. Perhaps this was the moment when Hosmer was told he isn’t going to have to pack his bags.

Hosmer obviously has been a disappointment in a Padres uniform and this was the last time the Padres could have traded him without his approval. After this season concludes, he will receive ten and five rights, which are given to players who have accumulated ten years of service time and their last five years have been with the same franchise. Ten and five rights automatically give players a full no-trade clause, which means Hosmer can deny any trade that the Padres have agreed to with another team that involves him.

Even though Hosmer’s average annual value will decrease from $20 million to $13 million for the final three years of his contract, it’s hard to imagine any team would want to trade for him when he’s a liability on defense and well past his prime.

As for now, Wil Myers could be called up today to play some first base in place of Eric Hosmer, who’s day to day with a neck strain. Myers has been out with a knee injury since the beginning of June and has played multiple games at first base during his rehab assignment.