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Perfect Padres home series to get back on track

The San Diego Padres have been underwhelming at home this season. A new series with the Pittsburgh Pirates is a desired matchup.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at San Diego Padres Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

There is no way to sugarcoat it, the San Diego Padres have been depressing to watch at Petco Park this season, at least offensively. The Padres look to get back on track vs the Pittsburgh Pirates after losing two consecutive home series to Chicago and Milwaukee.

The perfect matchup

According to their winning percentage, the Pirates are one of MLB’s worst teams (18-25). Coincidently so were the Cubs coming into San Diego. But it’s fair to say the Pirates lineup and rotation don’t have as much upside as Chicago.

In fact, on the road, the Pirates offense is only averaging 2.94 runs per game on the road this season. That is fewer than the previously mentioned Padres offense at home. Ok, what about the Pirates pitching staff, will they keep them in the game? Well, the odds would say no. The Pirates pitching staff has allowed 5.94 runs per game on the road over 18 games.

Unlike against Milwaukee, if the Padres get a quality start from Sean Manaea, Joe Musgrove, or MacKenzie Gore, I would have full expectations that the Padres would win the game.

Back on track

It’s time for Manaea to get back on track and set the momentum for the rest of the series vs the Pirates. The Padres big-time trade right before the start of the season has struggled over his previous five starts. Manaea has allowed at least three runs in all the previous five games. Accounting for a 5.70 ERA in those games.

It’s Friday, it’s also beer fest, and there’s no better way to kick off the memorial weekend than a Padres victory. The home funk has gone long enough. There are no more excuses and it’s time to take advantage of the Padres starting pitching that is a top 10 staff despite the injuries.