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Is there a better option for Padres Trent Grisham than leading off?

Trent Grisham has struggled at leadoff to start year. It’s early but maybe Grisham is better suited for another role based on his history.

San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The San Diego Padres exploded for 12 runs on 16 hits last night in Petco’s season opener. The gold glove center fielder Trent Grisham was the only Padre to not reach base safely twice and strike out twice. Finishing the night hitless in five at-bats. How long is manager Bob Melvin going to let Grisham be the team’s leadoff?

I understand this conversation may be premature. That’s why I asked how long opposed to suggesting a change. Grisham is slated to lead off for the 9th time this season. In his first eight appearances, Grisham only has three hits in 30 ABs and ten strikeouts slashing .100/.182/.100. That’s simply not going to work.

Let’s be clear I am not insisting to stick Grisham at the bottom of the order. But I am a big believer in data. The data is showing Grisham is below average in runs per plate appearance. The average is 100 and Grisham is posted at 93 per Fangraphs.

You are either going to agree with me or call me silly. But, Grisham has 131 PAs batting second in the lineup and is rated above average in runs per plate appearances at 129. That’s 36 runs higher per plate appearance than leading off the game.

The short season of 2020 was clearly Grishams best year from his first three seasons of 50 games played minimum. Obviously not counting this season. Career highs in batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging. There’s no surprise 56% of his career ABs as the second man in the lineup came in 2020.

Baseball is one of few sports you can look at data and analytics and receive nearly more than 50% of the story. There’s very little data to go off this season but it is not off to a great start. So, let me ask you, how long does Grisham stay as the Padres leadoff?