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Giants manager Gabe Kapler flip flops on Mauricio Dubon bunting controversy

The Padres weren’t happy with Dubon late Tuesday night

MLB: San Diego Padres at San Francisco Giants Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Padres got crushed on Tuesday night 13-2. It was over pretty much right when it got started but the storylines of the game weren’t over because in the bottom of the sixth inning up by nine runs, San Francisco Giants infielder Mauricio Dubon bunted down the third base line against Dinelson Lamet on a 0-1 count.

This bunt obviously wasn’t needed and frankly I believe the Padres were warranted in getting pissed off at the Giants and Dubon for the bunt.

What I liked was Giants manager Gabe Kapler initially airing out Dubon when he got back to the dugout. Because Kapler didn’t seem happy, it seemed like he would reiterate his in-game actions during his postgame press conference but that wasn’t what happened.

It’s understandable for Kapler to defend his player but to say you “understand that many teams don’t love that strategy” of trying to get as deep as possible into the opposition’s bullpen despite it being a nine run game after being irritated at Dubon during the game is a joke.

If you’re going to defend your player, then defend your player. But don’t act one way and then say the opposite to the media after the game. That sends mixed messages to fans and to the Padres, which could actually end up hurting one of Kapler’s players down the road.

Kapler also said “if other clubs decide that they want to do the same thing to us, then we’re not going to have a problem with it.”

Better stick to your word then Gabe if the score doesn’t go your way later in the season.