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Not enough progress in MLBPA’s latest CBA proposal to MLB on Sunday

The two sides met in New York on Sunday afternoon for over an hour...

MLB: Lockout The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

In what was the first full meeting between the Major League Baseball Players Association and Major League Baseball since the two sides left Florida last week without a deal, there was minimal progress on actually getting a deal done for the 2022 season.

The two sides met in Manhattan, New York on Sunday at 12 pm ET for about 100 minutes and the players barely moved on their pre-arbitration bonus pool offer and didn’t move at all on their Competitive Balance Tax Threshold and minimum salary offers.

The players’ pre-arbitration offer is now at $80 million, slightly down from $85 million (so there’s still a $50 million gap in the pre-arbitration bonus pool offers). They still want $238 million to be the luxury tax threshold for this coming season, which has already seen two regular season series be canceled.

The players are still holding firm on their ask for 6 draft lottery teams while MLB wants five but that shouldn’t be a big issue when all things are said and done. It’s going to come down to the luxury tax and pre-arbitration bonus pool money numbers.

There was progress for a couple seasons down the road, though, as both sides agreed to implement a pitch clock (likely 14 seconds when runners aren’t on base and 19 seconds when there are runners on base), larger bases, and the restriction of shifts in the 2023 season. As Jesse Rogers reported before the two sides met on Sunday, the minor leagues were successful in trimming the time of games down by 20 minutes in Single-A in 2021.

Dan Halem and Bruce Meyer, representatives from both sides, met one-on-one following the big meeting but it is not yet known when both sides plan to meet again. Below are the relevant tweets from Sunday: