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Former Padres All-Star Adrian Gonzalez participating in MLB’s new Home Run Derby

This is an interesting format to say the least...

2011 State Farm Home Run Derby Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Major League Baseball is not the most popular sport in the country right now but they are trying to capture more of an audience through a new Home Run Derby competition called “Home Run Derby X” that will take place later this year in three different locations around the world.

The new competition is definitely different from the regular Home Run Derby we usually see during All-Star week every summer. There will be raised mound and batters box platforms and the field will be smaller than a regular major league field is. The center field wall will be up to 320 feet away from home plate, according to the article published on explaining the new competition.

There are four “teams” participating in the competition in Seoul, Mexico City, and London later this year: the Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, and New York Yankees. The San Diego Padres will not be participating this year but a former Padre will and that is Adrian Gonzalez. A-Gon will be representing the Dodgers.

There are four players on each team—one former major league player, one softball player, one prospect, and one content creator.

Below is the list of confirmed participants thus far:

Boston Red Sox

Jonny Gomes, Former MLB Player

Paige Halstead, Women’s Player

Liv Cooke, Content Creator

Chicago Cubs

Geo Soto, Former MLB Player

Alex Hugo, Women’s Player

Spencer Owen, Content Creator

Los Angeles Dodgers

Adrián González, Former MLB Player

Ashton Lansdell, Women’s Player

Yoongy Kwak, Content Creator

New York Yankees

Nick Swisher, Former MLB Player

Erika Piancastelli, Women’s Player

Stefania Aradillas, Women’s Player (Mexico only)

Daniel Corral, Content Creator

Each hitter will get 35 pitches at most each at-bat and the opposition will have players in the outfield who can earn points for their team if they catch a hitter’s fly ball that doesn’t go over the fence.

The event will end in a knock-out style tournament in the final event to determine the Home Run Derby X champion.

I encourage you to click on the link provided earlier to see more about the competition because there are so many different aspects to it that are a little difficult to explain.