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Christopher Russo: Tony Gwynn was better than Derek Jeter

Russo made these comments on the Talking Friars podcast.

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World Series - New York Yankees v San Diego Padres - Game Four

I had on Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo this week on the Talking Friars podcast and one of my questions to him was about whether he thinks, like I do, that San Diego Padres legend Tony Gwynn is better than New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter after ESPN said the opposite.

“If you ask me right field Gwynn [versus] shortstop Jeter, I’d take Gwynn,” Russo said. “I agree with you being a big Padres fan Gwynn is better than Jeter..”

There shouldn’t even really be a debate about who is better when you look at the stats but since ESPN didn’t agree with Russo and I about this, I have to talk about it. Gwynn and Jeter both played 20 seasons but Gwynn was the one who finished with a higher batting average, higher OPS, more All-Star selections, two more silver sluggers, and eight more batting titles than Jeter (who had zero batting titles by the way).

Sorry Yankees fans, but there’s no argument.

You can watch or listen to my entire conversation with Christopher Russo here.

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