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Manny Machado hopes he’ll be a Padre for the rest of his life

As of today, it doesn’t seem like Manny plans on opting out after next year

San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

San Diego Padres superstar Manny Machado is one of the best infielders in all of baseball and he frankly is still an underrated third baseman somehow. Just take this ranking from Fox Sports as some proof:

Despite some people not understanding how much value Machado brings to the Padres on a nightly basis, I know Padres fans appreciate him very much and as of today, it feels like we’ll get to continue getting to appreciate him in the brown and gold for a long time.

Machado has an opt-out available after next season so that possibility of an opt-out is a reason to have more urgency to win right now in San Diego to make sure he wants to stay because he knows he’ll be on a contender during the second half of his ten-year, $300 million contract. However, based on Machado’s recent comments this morning, it feels like he is committed long-term to the Padres organization and thus isn’t expected to opt-out after 2023.

“I would love to play to what [age] Tom Brady’s playing,” Machado told “Ben and Woods” Wednesday on 97.3 The Fan. “People can do it at that age if you take care of yourself and you do it the right way...”

“I’m here until I’m 37 and, you know, hopefully Peter [Seidler] can extend me and I can be a Padre for the rest of my life.”

Machado saying he is a Padre until he’s 37 years old likely means he isn’t even thinking about opting out of his deal or else he probably wouldn’t have gone so far to say this.

The 29-year-old has already been a 10+ WAR player (cumulatively) in his first three seasons with the Friars and 2020 was only a two month regular season. He’s hit at least 28 home runs in both of his first two full seasons at Petco Park and if he can get off to a great offensive start in 2022, that will certainly help the club with the absence of Fernando Tatis Jr. for what looks like the first few months of the season.

If Machado does stay for the rest of his career, he is a prime candidate to age well because of how well he takes care of his body. I talked with his trainer, Nick Soto, this past offseason to talk about Machado’s training and diet so if you’re interested in learning more, you can watch the entire conversation below.

Let me know in the comments if you want Manny Machado to be a Padre for the rest of his career!