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Padres chairman Peter Seidler pens letter to fans discussing refunds, other items

This letter was published after MLB cancelled the first two series of the season on Tuesday

MLB: San Diego Padres at Miami Marlins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

San Diego Padres chairman Peter Seidler has been spending plenty of money over the last couple of years so he likely isn’t one of the owners holding back a CBA agreement. However, the vice chairman of the team, Ron Fowler, was representing the league in these negotiations this week in Florida so it makes me wonder if Fowler was one of those owners who was opposed to raising the Luxury Tax Threshold to $230+ million like the players wanted.

Moving past this, Mr. Seidler wrote a letter to fans earlier tonight after games were officially cancelled.

In the full letter that’s available here, Seidler said he is “deeply disappointed by the continuing work stoppage which hurts all of us who love, enjoy and respect the game. That said, I am hopeful that a deal can and will be reached with further negotiations.”

I believe him when he says that because he’s backed this sentiment up with dedicating $640 million to the left side of his infield over the last few years.

In terms of refunds, which is certainly a subject of interest among baseball fans, Seidler said season ticket holders will be able to receive refunds for all games that are canceled. “Our goal is to provide a refund policy that makes it as easy as possible for you to receive a refund for any canceled games. Members who have paid in full will automatically receive a refund for the value of the canceled games and Members enrolled in a payment plan will have their remaining balance reduced by the value of the canceled games, and monthly payments will be adjusted based on the updated balance. Members will receive a refund for any additional tickets and parking purchased for the canceled games. While Members on payment plans are still scheduled to be charged on March 15, if any additional home games are canceled, we will pause future payments until there is clarity on the start date of the regular season.”

Let’s hope there will be clarity on when the season starts by March 15 or else we will be in trouble.

Here’s what Seidler said about non-season ticket holders who’ve purchased tickets. “Fans who purchased tickets for one or more of the canceled games will automatically receive a refund for the value of the canceled games, including any additional parking purchased. Anyone who purchased group tickets, a hospitality space, or a suite to one or more of the canceled games can receive a full refund, exchange your game date for another game during the 2022 season, or move your credit to a deposit for the 2023 season.”

“The policy above applies to all canceled home games, excluding Opening Day (scheduled for March 31). Members with tickets to Opening Day (whether included in their Membership plan or as additional single game ticket(s), suite, or hospitality space) will automatically receive their same seat locations for the new Opening Day game, once the date of that game is determined. Members who have tickets on the date of the new Opening Day, as originally scheduled, will receive an automatic refund for the value of that game plus access to an exclusive priority presale for the new Opening Day.”

It’s worth it to note that Fowler did not have his signature at the bottom of the letter so this was all Seidler, which is a good thing for the Padres, especially considering Fowler is involved in MLB’s current CBA negotiations with the players.