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Padres current home uniform ranked 11th greatest of all time, according to ESPN

I’m glad the Padres got some respect on this list after Tony Gwynn was disrespected on the last list

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Diego Padres Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

I wasn’t pleased about Tony Gwynn being ranked too low on ESPN’s top 100 players of all-time list, but I can’t be too mad about where the San Diego Padres’ current jerseys were ranked on ESPN’s latest list.

This one was about the 20 greatest uniforms of all time and the criteria was more subjective than the top 100 list because there aren’t concrete stats about jerseys. Jersey sales usually are about the name on the back and not necessarily what the jersey looks like.

Of the 20 greatest uniforms of all time, the Padres current home brown pinstripes was ranked 11th. Joon Lee, the author of this ranking piece, said the following about what makes the Friars home uniform great:

Lee is correct about Padres fans wanting the brown and gold back and if I do say so myself, it feels great to have a real identity. When a random sports fan turns on their television or are watching highlights, they can see the brown and know that the Padres are playing. It was great that the Padres combined the old (the brown and gold color scheme) and the new (such as the font and the ‘A’ in Padres looking like a bell) in their new set of uniforms.

Now with this said, I disagree about the White Sox 2021 City Connect uniforms being ranked ahead of the Padres home uniform. I like the black pinstripes but I could do without the gothic font.

If you care, the top two greatest uniforms of all time were probably what you expected: the Los Angeles Dodgers’ regular home uniforms and the New York Yankees’ home pinstripes uniform.