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Do the Padres know something we don’t about the progress of the lockout negotiations?

Maybe they do...or maybe I’m just being too serious about a tweet

Oakland Athletics v San Diego Padres Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Tennessee Titans wide receiver AJ Brown has been taking some hacks in the cages recently and he looks interested in playing for the San Diego Padres in some capacity. The Friars have his draft rights, as they selected him in the 19th round in the 2016 MLB Draft. Brown has tagged them on Twitter and San Diego’s social media team responded to him on Tuesday.

While everyone is going to get wrapped up in Brown’s baseball ability, I was more surprised about the Padres’ comment about the start of spring training being right around the corner. It might be scheduled for the middle of the month but the way these negotiations are going, it might not actually start until March.

The Padres social media team could also be referring to minor league camp which will begin on time regardless of what is happening with the lockout but I assume they were referring to actual spring training.

I’m probably just reading too much into what was supposed to be a fun tweet.