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Former Padres catcher Nick Hundley now working under GM Chris Young with the Texas Rangers

The former Padres tandem is back together

San Diego Padres v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

There was a little baseball news today despite no progress with the lockout talks. Former San Diego Padres catcher Nick Hundley, according to Evan Grant, is joining the Texas Rangers organization as a special assistant to former Padres starter Chris Young, who is serving as the GM.

It isn’t surprising that Hundley is working in baseball again, as he seemed to have a high baseball IQ with the Friars behind the plate. Hundley’s last MLB season was with the Oakland Athletics in 2019, which capped off a 12-year career that spanned across five different big league rosters. The Padres had Hundley with them in the big leagues for parts of seven seasons. He never hit more than 13 home runs in a season and his career batting average was .247.

According to Grant, Hundley already has worked with Young when they were with Major League Baseball’s commissioner’s office so I’d assume Young has a level of familiarity with him in terms of how he works off the field.