Maddon wants back into MLB


Hazleton native and former Los Angeles Angels Manager Joe Maddon is back in the area promoting his new book" "Trying to suck at baseball and Life, The Book Joe". On Saturday he was at the Wilkes Barre Barnes and Noble. The World Series-winning coach was let go by the Angels in June and says if the right fit comes along he would like to manage again in the big leagues. Joe Maddon, Former Major League Baseball Manager,(Hazleton), " I don’t know to what extent this book is either more or less attractive and that was not my concern. I just need to when it comes to the analytical component of what everyone is talking about. How i want it in the game but I want it to be less intrusive and let players, coaches, and managers to do their thing. I think there are a lot of people in different businesses and industries that would echo those sentiments. So we will see how it all plays out and eventually hopefully if I can pair up with the right people and run it the way I would like to see it run with more of a traditional baseball feel to it with sate numbers or what ever you want to call it to support it but not to run it. " How to Watch Mosconi Cup 2022 in US and Canada