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Padres-Phillies lineups announced for Game 3 and Joe Musgrove looks to keep it rolling

The starting lineups for Game 3 have been announced and Joe Musgrove looks to keep his postseason success for the Padres.

Championship Series - Philadelphia Phillies v San Diego Padres - Game Two Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

The San Diego Padres have won each of his two Playoff starts this postseason.

In New York, it was all about Musgrove's ears and spin rate as he dominated the Mets lineup. In a close-out game against the Dodgers, it was all about the Padres offense in 7th inning making it rain no pun intended with 5 runs coming across.

This will have to be one of those “regular season doesn’t matter” games as Musgrove allowed 6 runs in six innings in his lone matchup against the Phillies. I am extremely confident when I say I doubt that happens again.

San Diego’s own is on a different level at the moment.

Padres lineup

Juan Soto has been good against RHP as he should. But, with the Phillies throwing an LHP to start — Soto will have to step up his game. This postseason Soto is only 1-12 against LHP and more important no walks or RBIs in those matchups.

While his average wasn’t hot vs LHP — 37% of his RBIs came against LHP in the regular season opposed to 0% in the playoffs.

Phillies lineup

You know the drill, control the powerful LHH in Scwarber and Harper. Make the other guys step up and beat you, not their home run leaders.

Harper is the only Phillies player hitting above .250 with at least one home run. Considering Musgrove has great control —the Padres should be in the driver's seat late in this game.

The first pitch is at 4:37 PM on FS1.