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Bruce Bochy is back and it’s not a reunion with the Padres

The former Giants and Padres manager is back to coaching and he is not having a reunion in San Diego as they are set with Bob Melvin this time.

Bruce Bochy

After Bruce Bochy’s final years in San Francisco, many tried to align the dots for the three-time world series champion manager to come back to the San Diego Padres.

Obviously, the Padres are in a much better spot playing in the NLCS under current managers Bob Melvin. San Diego is no longer under the charge of the Andy Green and Jayce Tinglers of the world. Coincidently they haven’t reached this stage of the playoffs since Bruce Bochy was at the helm.

It was announced Friday morning that the former NL West manager Bochy will join the Texas Rangers as the new manager.

A bit of a surprising move because the expectation was if Bochy would manage again it would be for a ballclub that was filled with talent and ready to compete for a World Series. That’s why a lot predicted a return to the Padres before the Melvin hiring.

The Padres put on a great show for Bochy on his final visit to Petco Park in 2019. Little did anyone know that would not be his final visit as the opposing manager.

Bochy will return to Petco Park as the Texas Rangers will make the trip to San Diego on July 28th, 29th, and 30th for a weekend series.

If Bochy were to win his fourth World Series (I don’t think he will in Texas), at least Padres fans won’t have to sit there feeling envy as he is no longer doing it for a team in the NL West.

Entering his 26th season as a manager and having won 2,003 games — his first win in Texas will mark his first win outside the National League and outside the NL West of course.