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Padres will shift focus to winning Game 2 after one hit bid

Yu Darvish was good but Zack Wheeler was even better. The Padres hitters will shift focus to Austin Nola’s brother in Game 2.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at San Diego Padres Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Padres offense was clogged up like the 805 after 3 pm on a weekday. They never put together a rally or two runners to reach base until the ninth inning.

The lone hit came from the only player to post a sub-.100 batting average (Wil Myers).

Despite the opportunity that was presented in the ninth inning, the starting pitching from Zack Wheeler was too much to overcome. The decision to pull Wheeler felt like a decision that might’ve bit the Phillies in the rear end. Unfortunately for the Padres, that was not the case.

Yu Darvish was equally fantastic but was bit with two long balls. Regardless, if your pitching staff only allows two earned runs — you expect to win.

The Padres will be back at it tomorrow when they face the brother of Austin Nola. This needs to have Nola’s back and show his brother who’s still the big bro.

No reason to panic, it’s just one game. If this team can win three straight in Los Angeles, they can certainly win four in six against the hot Phillies.