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Padres ready to make history at Petco Park

For the first time in Padres franchise history, they’ll host the Dodgers in the Playoffs at home in front of their fans.

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

The San Diego Padres took care of business the way they needed to as they come back to Petco Park. The game-two win in Los Angeles gave the Padres home-field advantage. How is that? If this series were to go the distance and play all five — two games remain in San Diego and just one in Los Angeles. Games three will be one for the San Diego Padres history books.

For the first time in franchise history, the Padres will host a home game vs the Dodgers at their home stadium with fans allowed in attendance. If you remember 2020 the Padres vs Dodgers NLDS took place at a neutral stadium in Texas.

Postseason games in the home and away stadiums are what makes this time of year so special. It’s the reason why Padres fans will spend over $200 per ticket to sit in the 300-section plus all the beer and food that will come along with it.

A previous Dodgers-Padres matchup this season set a Petco Park record of 44,930 fans in attendance. I will be shocked if that number isn’t surpassed this Friday.

Splitting the two games in Los Angeles will allow the Padres an opportunity to clinch a birth to the NLCS here in San Diego to play Philadelphia or Atlanta. To do so, the Padres must win the next two games.

The Dodgers coming up short in the postseason during a NORMAL 162-game season during their 11 year run seems to be the standard. Oh how nice would it be to keep that trend going, eliminating them in San Diego.

Game three is tonight October 14th at 5:37 PM. A quality start from Blake Snell can be pivotal the way the relievers and run support have been producing.