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Talking Friars Ep. 86: Examining Jake Peavy’s Hall of Fame Case

We also talk more about Ken Rosenthal’s departure from MLB Network and Eric Hosmer’s wedding....

San Diego Padres v Colorado Rockies

We’re still in a lockout so there isn’t much of anything to talk about, but we’re still finding a way to talk baseball. Eric Hosmer had a huge wedding in Florida last weekend and Ken Rosenthal isn’t at MLB Network anymore so there’s that to talk about. Also, earlier this week I discussed what my Hall of Fame ballot would be if I had a vote, and now Jacob Zimmermann and I are talking about Jake Peavy’s Hall of Fame case.

It might not seem like he has much of a shot but you’ll discover that he pitched well when it mattered. Feel free to give me your thoughts on Peavy in the comments below!