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A brief look at some of Manny Machado’s workouts this offseason through the eyes of his trainer

These comments were made on the Talking Friars podcast

Houston Astros v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Nick Soto, Manny Machado’s trainer, joined the Talking Friars podcast earlier this week to discuss Manny’s offseason training and diet plan with me. During our discussion he broke down some of the exercises he is running Machado through this offseason to help get him ready for the 2022 season.

By using the following YouTube link (around the 8 minute mark), you can watch Soto explain the reasoning behind his decision to implement these exercises into Machado’s workouts.

“The better we can get him to absorb forces, the better they’re going to be at redirecting forces so this is going to come into play not only at the plate and throwing the ball which we know he can do with the best of them, but it’s also going to come with his change of direction and being able to kind of load the legs and then push off to get to a fast ground ball off to the side or something like that,” Soto told me.