Tatis is no Bip Roberts

Remember the Bipper? That guy had hustle. Wiggins is a Tatis fan the same as anyone else, but he's tired of seeing Tatis take his time when he does he 'swagger stroll." You're making millions, good sir, please hustle a littlemore.

But really, this lack of hustle is something that all of new major league baseballers seem to have in common. Don't you agree? Remember when Craig Lefferts used to sprint from the bullpen to the muond? Those were the days. Now its nothing but swagger walk.

Look, Wiggins is not bashing Tatis. He's great. Just pick up the pace a little sometimes, you know what Wiggins is saying? Thanks for the free Jack in the Box though. That's a good deal. Except negati ve shout out to the Jack in the Box on Chase in El Cajon who refused to give Wiggins a free Jumbo Jack, trying to say Wiggins had already had enough. Give Wiggins a break. Should write a bad yelp review and show those jerks the customer is all ways right!

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