Should Yu Darvish complete The Goatee?

Yu Darvish has a lot of skill, but Wiggins is wondering if he isn't skilled at growing a complete goatee. The chin-only look doesnt make him look as fierce to opposing battesr as he could look. Imagine if Yu had a full goatee and was staring down from the mound. That would be so frighthning!

Also, while we are on the subject, Yu is a pretty amazing name. Wiggins' uncle used to work at a company called SEGA (maybe you have heard of them haha) and was the bass player on a lot of th emusic they created. If you ever played Out Run thats him on bass. Out Run was made by a guy named Yu Suzuki. Look it up!

Okay, I lied. My uncle didnt do that. He can't play any instruments. But Wiggins got your attention! I bet you thought "Wow, Wiggins has a famous uncle" but sadly the only thing hes famous for is getting banned from a Hooters back in 2002. He was a character!

Anyway, Yu Darvish's facial hair: full goatee or not? What do ou think?

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