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Get your ‘Tranquilo Hijo’ shirts here!

Say what’s on your mind with a shirt.

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Following the Padres’ third game of their recent four-game stint with the Dodgers, pitcher Trevor Bauer and Tatis got into a small squabble on Twitter that created one of the best moments of this young MLB season.

Tatis was accused by fans on Twitter of peaking at the catcher’s sign prior to recording his second home run off of Bauer on the day. Bauer got a hold of the original tweet/video and proceeded to have some words for Nino:

“If you need to know what pitch is coming that badly, just ask daddy nicely next time. You know I ain’t scared homie.”

In response, Tatis found a photo of him holding a small child, photoshopped Bauers face on the kid, and tweeted it back at the Dodgers starter with the words, “Tranquilo hijo.”

Is this art? I think that’s art.

Of course, as they always do, the folks at BreakingT took the moment and captured it on a t-shirt for you all. You can grab them here!