Trade Proposal - Minnesota Twins

With the frustrations of the lockout, we are spinning our wheels, looking for ways to pass the time, hoping for anything in the way of baseball news. Time to become the master of your domain, the keeper of the keys, and the GM of your favorite team. Let’s talk hypothetical trades!

I, personally, am on a quest to find a trade partner for the Minnesota Twins.

The Goals:

  1. Acquire a stopgap SS (preference would be a plus defender with a decent bat)
  2. Find starting pitchers to fill the depleted rotation

*Extra bonus: add a 4th OF type who can play some CF, maybe steal a few bases

Twins top Trade Chip(s):

  1. Outfielder and former top-100 prospect Trevor Larnach (22.6)
  2. The payroll flexibility to take on additional salaries
  3. MLB role players and Top-25 Prospects:

CF: Celestino (2.9)

OF: Rooker (1.9)

UTL: Gordon (1.8)

#11: Cavaco (3.8)

#12: Urbina (4.2)

#13: Miller (3.6)

#14: Wallner (3.6)

#16: Sabato (3.0)

#18: Soularie (2.4)

#20: Rodriguez (4.5)

#23: Steer (2.1)

#24: De Andrade (2.4)

#26: Severino (.7)


  • Croneworth (58.3) is the target. What would it take to acquire him? Is Larnach enough to start the conversation? What if the Twins took on Myers’ (-12.8) contract?
  • Alternatively, what if Kim (-16.1) was our SS target? If he was paired with a starter like Darvish (4), would Larnach be an overpay?
  • Neither of these trades come close to even but is there a possible framework there?


Links lead to Fangraphs’ profile of each player

Numbers in parentheses reflect the Baseball Trade Value of each player

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