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Bob Melvin’s introductory press conference was delightful compared to Jayce Tingler’s

Bob Melvin spoke as Padres manager for the first time this week and it was music to my ears

Bob Melvin Introduced as Padres Manager Photo by Matt Thomas/San Diego Padres/Getty Images

Let’s go back to October 31, 2019. Jayce Tingler was introduced as the 21st Padres manager in franchise history at Petco Park. I, like many fans, had a much different reaction to Tingler compared to Melvin after their respective introductory press conferences at Petco Park.

Here were a couple of the responses to this Tingler hiring post:

That was a couple of examples of how Padres fans reacted to the Tingler deal. His press conference wasn’t much better. The headline of the introductory presser for me was this line:

“I may not be perfect,” Tingler said regarding his lack of experience. “But I have managed a lot of games in my mind.”

Managing games in your mind is a lot different than managing games in the dugout, as Tingler found out in 2021. Melvin, on the other hand, is coming into San Diego with 2,618 more games than Tingler had under his belt as a big league manager, including six playoff appearances in the last ten years with Oakland.

Melvin has the managing experience that Tingler didn’t have when he took the stage to speak to the media for the first time in the brown and gold. Even the Padres social media team mentioned so on Monday:

“Bob knows...what it will take,” wrote the Padres on Twitter. That’s not something they could write about Tingler on October 31, 2019. That is refreshing to hear as a Padres fan. Hopefully the Padres will be tweeting that Bob Melvin got the job done at the end of his three-year contract.