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Why the Padres could be more determined than ever to trade Eric Hosmer this offseason

It probably isn’t a reason you’re thinking about...

San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Many San Diego Padres fans are clamoring for the front office to trade first baseman Eric Hosmer this offseason because he hasn’t played anywhere near the level he was expected to based on the $144 million he is receiving from ownership over eight seasons.

While Hosmer’s play obviously is the main reason why the team wants to get out from underneath a portion of his contract, there could be another reason pushing AJ Preller towards a trade sooner rather than later: Hosmer’s 10 and 5 rights come into play at the end of 2022.

10 and 5 rights allow players who have played in the big leagues for ten years and the last five with the same team to dictate where they end up in a possible trade. In other words, Hosmer will have a no-trade clause at the conclusion of 2022, as he has played a combined 11 seasons in Major League Baseball with Kansas City (7) and San Diego (4). The 2022 season in San Diego would give Hosmer the final requirement necessary to have the no-trade clause.

That no-trade clause limits the number of suitors Hosmer would have if the Padres don’t trade him before he acquires those 10 and 5 rights.

Right now, there could be many suitors for Hosmer’s services—a majority that aren’t contending teams. Some suitors, such as the Texas Rangers and Colorado Rockies, could have a bad farm system and want to add a top prospect like Robert Hassell III while taking on some of Hosmer’s contract. Right now, that may be the most likeliest scenario for a possible Hosmer trade.

If the Padres don’t deal him, then his suitors could diminish to a handful of teams because I would assume that Hosmer wants to be on a contender at the end of his career. Those teams, by the way, probably aren’t interested in him because they are trying to win and Hosmer isn’t producing enough to be a starter on a World Series caliber roster.

Thus, Hosmer might not have any suitors at all if this scenario arises.

If the Padres end up dealing Hosmer, it will be interesting to see if the Padres felt pressure to deal him due to these potential 10 and 5 rights.