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Winners live in ‘Slam Diego’

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As speedy as always to celebrate the special occasions, the fine folks over at BreakingT have released a brand new shirt commemorating the Padres’ latest achievement of four grand slams in four-straight games.

First it was Fernando Tatis Jr. and his controversial on a 3-0 count, then it was Wil Myers with an opening-inning granny. That was followed up by Manny Machado’s walk-off slam on Wednesday night and then it all culminated in Eric Hosmer’s historic hit in the fifth of last night’s contest.

The second Hosmer’s ball went over the right field wall, all of the new original phrases rang out across the internet: Slam Diego, or better yet, the Slam Diego Padres.

Either way, it had to be put on a shirt.

So if you’re in the mood to keep the celebration going regarding this historic achievement, go ahead and grab this silky smooth piece of apparel.

Go Padres, baby!