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PODCAST: Swinging away at a 3-0 pitch

Before Manny Machado’s walk-off grand slam, the MTPGA boys talked about Tatis Jr. shaking up baseball’s unwritten rules.

MLB: Texas Rangers at San Diego Padres Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Posting this a day later than I should, but in case you missed Craig Elsten and I breaking down the drama around Fernando Tatis Jr.’s 3-0 grand slam the other night, here it is:

The short answer to who was in the wrong is obvious: Pretty much everyone who wasn’t Fernando Tatis Jr.

But the short answer to who was the most wrong? Jayce Tingler.

This episode is a long one and ends abruptly because the batteries died in the recorder, but it’s a good one up until that point, as Craig and I vent out a little of our rage while also marveling at how amazing of a talent Fernando Tatis Jr. is and what it means for the future of the San Diego Padres.