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Get this friendly reminder on a shirt

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Fernand Tatis Jr. made some personal history on Monday night when he recorded his first career grand slam against the Rangers. The achievement came with a lot of backlash, mostly due to Tatis missing an apparent “take it” sign. Instead, The Phenom took the pitch - which was well within the strike zone - and sent it over the right field wall.

The hit pushed the Padres’ lead from a comfortable seven runs to 10, effectively ending all chances of the Rangers making a comeback.

Now I’m sure we all know what side we’re on in this situation. We couldn’t couldn’t care less about the “unwritten rules”.

When asked about it, last night’s starter Zach Davies had this to say in reference to Texas’ Juan Nicasio last pitch to Tatis:

“Make sure your 3-0 pitch is a little bit better.”

He took the words right out of my mouth.

So just in case you wanted to help memorialize this moment in Tatis’ young career, you can get this sly response on a shirt by BreakingT.

Link is below if you’re interested. Otherwise, enjoy today’s game! Go Padres!