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Bleacher Report gives Padres 1B Mitch Moreland in 2007 MLB re-draft

MLB: Spring Training-Baltimore Orioles at Boston Red Sox David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports

Back in the original 2007 MLB Draft, the Padres went chose to draft left-handed pitcher Nick Schmidt. Schmidt never amounted to anything that the Padres hoped he would be, coming and going with playing in a single major league game for the franchsie. He’s currently retired having hung them up back in 2014.

In Joel Reuter’s re-do of that year’s draft over on Bleacher Report, the Padres instead went with first baseman Mitch Moreland who originally went over 500 spots later at #530.

Mitch Moreland has put together a solid career as a second-tier first baseman,” Reuter says. “He’s a .251/.319/.444 career hitter, good for a 101 OPS+ with 166 home runs and 559 RBI in 10 seasons, and he’s also a terrific defender with a Gold Glove to his credit.”

“The 34-year-old is best used as a platoon player because he has a .238 average, .671 OPS and 24.7 percent strikeout rate against left-handed pitching. Still, he would be a solid addition for the San Diego Padres, who deployed a number of different players at the position before breaking the bank on an ill-advised long-term deal for Eric Hosmer.”

What do you all think of Reuter’s re-draft? Is there another player you would have rather seen get selected by the Padres if you had the choice?