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On this Date in Padres History 5/2/1954: Nate Colbert watches the same history he was destined to repeat

Musial and Colbert are still the only two players to achieve the feat.

On this date in San Diego Padres history, future Padres first basemen Nate Colbert was an eight-year old boy watching the St. Louis Cardinals play in a double-header against the New York Giants. Between those two games, Colbert watched Stan Musial of the Cardinals become the first player in MLB history to record five home runs in a twin bill with three during the first match and two in the second.

Unbeknownst to Colbert, he would eventually become the second major league player to achieve the same feat 18 years later as a 26-years old on August 1st, 1972. The Padres swept the Atlanta Braves in that double-header with finals scores of 9-0 and 11-7. Colbert knocked home 13 RBIs, which was the major league record at the time but has since been tied.