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On this Date in Padres History 5/1/2001: Perez’s broken bat injures Cubs player

Sometimes you just have a bad day.

On this date in San Diego Padres history, the team won a lop-sided contest against the Chicago Cubs 10-3. While that seems like a fairly easy day for the victors, it wasn’t so smooth of a day for the Cubs’ Mike Fyhrie.

After Fyhrie replaced Jason Bere on the mound, he pitched just over an inning before he was struck by a bat fragment off the shaft of the Padres’ Santiago Perez. At the top of the fourth inning, Perez grounded out to third base but at the same time, a piece of his bat shot towards the mound. Fyhrie raised his left arm to protect himself, but the impact from the bat fragment wound-up breaking the ulna bone on that side. He was then replaced Todd Van Poppel.

The Padres had already pulled away from the Cubs after scoring seven runs in the third, which included a grand slam by C Ben Davis. Davis and 3B Phil Nevin would both finish with four RBIs that day.