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Topps released a special edition 1983 Tony Gywnn baseball card

As part of the TOPPS PROJECT 2020, Tony Gynn’s iconic 1983 baseball card got a facelift by streetwear artist “oldmanalan”

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In celebration of the 2020 MLB season, Topps is collaborating with 20 different artists ranging from streetwear designers and painters to tattoo and graffiti artists to recreate 20 iconic baseball cards.

Here’s Topps personal statement on the program:

“Topps presents PROJECT 2020, a year-long collection on that visually reimagines the baseball cards that have defined generations, ushering in a new era of seminal artwork. Topps is collaborating with a cast of 20 artists from around the globe, ranging from famed streetwear designers, tattoo and graffiti artists, and one of the premiere jewelry designers on the planet.”

The big things to note with this program are that each of the 20 artists will take a turn re-creating all 20 chosen cards. Two new cards will be dropped on every business day for purchase and they’ll only last for 48 hours.

As of today, the first Padres card was dropped and this one was done by famed streetwear desiner “Oldmanalan”. It is a special edition 1983 Tony Gwynn card from his second year in the majors and it will only be available until noon on April 5th or until supplies run out.

Per, “Behind-the-scenes tastemaker and incognito arbiter of taste, Oldmanalan has been stealthily propelling streetwear for the past several years. His keen eye for aesthetics and curation has been a long-standing source of captivating content and positioned him as a frontrunner in the streetwear space of social media. Instagram: @oldmanalan”

Obviously this is a huge get for any Padres fan, especially those who enjoy a nice piece of history. If you’re interesting in purchases a copy of this card, just click this link.

Are you copping this card?