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MLB, MiLB close to agreement on reduction of minor league teams

A reduction could affect over 42 teams, including the Padres’ affiliate in Pasco, WA.

MLB: Colorado Rockies at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The MLB and MiLB have been negotiating for the last six months over a potential agreement that would reduce the number of minor leagues teams across the country from 160 to around 120. This deal would come after the current agreement between the two entities comes to an end following the 2020 calendar year. Reports say that there could be up to 42 teams left without affiliates in 2021.

A New York Times report in November listed 42 minor league teams on a proposed cut list, which would include the Tri-City Dust Devils, the Padres’ short season A affiliate in Pasco, Washington.

It’s been reported that the MLB and MiLB have been in heated talks for awhile now on reduction of teams. It apparently got to the point where in January both parties accused the other of spreading misleading information. However, with things looking like there’s an agreement is on the horizon, our sense of minor league baseball is about to make a drastic change.