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What’s your favorite baseball movie?

HS teacher Jim Morris rockets to the majors as a 39-year old with a rocket arm in The Rookie.

Movies, along with television shows and video games, have been the two biggest things helping us get along during this era of no sports. Many fans are likely to turning to movies and shows that revolve around the sport they miss the most in hopes of still feeling some sense of being fulfillment or nostalgia.

Fans are fairly lucky in that they don’t just have good baseball movies, but they’ve got plenty films that would hold up as actual cinema classics. The Sandlot and Field of Dreams come to mind off the bat - pun intended.

But for me, there’s one movie that always comes to mind with this question, and that’s The Rookie with Dennis Quaid.

Now, I can’t say I watched this flick over and over again because of it’s masterful story-telling and contemporary filming-style. I actually came to love it simply due to the fact it was one of only three DVDs my family kept in the mini-van during my childhood so it was usually one of the movies we’d always throw on during any trip that lasted longer than a couple hours.

The story is also an easy one to get behind. A high school teacher named Jim Morris coaches the varsity baseball team and, during a pitching session with his players, discovers he has a rocket launcher connected to his shoulder at about 40-years old. His players then make him a bet that if they make the state playoffs, Morris has to try-out for the major leagues.

After the team comes through with their side of the bet, Morris goes on to impress enough at a try-out that he gets signed by the Tampa Bay Rays organization and spends some time toiling around in the minors. His efforts are finally rewarded when he gets the call up to play in the majors against the Rangers in Texas. Morris eventually leaves the majors soon after accomplishing his childhood dream to go back home and help raise his kids.

It’s an easy to watch, heart-warming story that has plenty of re-watchability.

But now it’s your turn. What is your favorite baseball movie and why?