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MLB and MLBPA reach agreement on service-time issues

Service time, among other issues, were covered in the new deal

MLB: Baseball Hall of Fame-Induction Ceremony Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

It was just announced that the MLBPA and MLB have finally come to an agreement on a plan that will solve all service-time issues going involving the shortened 2020 season. As of right now, the players have already vote on the agreement and it should become ratified no later than Friday.

The highlights of the deal include specific details on how the owners plan to pay their players through the first two months of the season since regular season games have started officially being canceled. All players will be paid in advance of $170 million across the months of April and May. They also made sure that, in the event of a canceled season, the players would still keep all that money.

One of the major notes of the deal is the decision to allow a full year of service time to be accrued in the event the entire season being canceled. Big names like Mookie Betts and Trevor Bauer will now not have to wait an extra year to get back on the free agent market.

Lastly, MLB has been given the power to shorten the 2020 MLB Draft to just five rounds. There’s also a good chance the draft might be postponed at least a month into July.