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What would you be doing today if Opening Day wasn’t canceled?

If MLB was still going on, what would your plans be for the day?

MLB: Spring Training-San Diego Padres at Cleveland Indians Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Today should’ve been the day. It should have been the start of the MLB season. It should have been Opening Day 2020.

But it’s not. It’s just...another day. Today was supposed to be a day to throw any work by the wayside, put on your favorite/luckiest/best-looking baseball jersey, grab your go-to snacks/drinks/necessities for couch lounging, and sit your butt in that recliner for the forseeable future. However, we must go on. We have to. So in the spirit of Opening Day being postponed, I thought it would be a phenomenal idea to still go through the motions and carry-on as we all normally would.

The official Padres twitter account started off the day in the same spirit, posting a handful of pictures from Opening Days past.

Major Garret, Chief Washington Correspondent for CBS News, posted this awesome video basically calling Padres fans to arms with a tongue-in-cheek speech explaining why the San Diego fan base is built for this pandemic. They’re “durable” and already experienced with “social distancing”, poking fun at their usual “distance” between them and the first-place teams.

Annie Heilbrunn is also bringing us some relatable content on this bummer of a day.

From here, I’d love it if we could all get together in the comments and simply share what we would be doing today if there was still baseball on the television. While there aren’t any games to watch, we still have the power to act like it.

I normally work from home so not a ton has changed, but if there was baseball on today, I’d defintely take my entire office and place it in from of my TV. Laptop, mouse, chair, desk, and even the bobbleheads because this is an important day, dang it. I’d acquire my finest pinstripes from the closest, throw my UGG robe over the top (don’t you dare judge me, it was a birthday present), and sit my happy self down. Oh, and you know I wouldn’t forget the zillion beers waiting for me in the fridge.

That’s a quick description of what my day would consist of, but the point of this is being able to hear what you all will be doing. We would all normally be sharing pictures and facebook statuses about our Opening Day actions anyway, so we might as well do it here. Feel free to share pictures and any other relevant information to really paint the picture that is your normal Opening Day ritual routine.