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Padres Open Forum: Belated Spring Training Edition, 16-22 FEB

Talk about stuff here.

Lake Bachar (left) and Luis Patiño get some wind sprints in.

Alright, apologies for the delay, but here’s your open forum for the week. Spring Training is underway, as Pitchers and Catchers reported last week, and position players reporting yesterday. The team holds its first full team workout today on 18 FEB. I’ll post some of the news and notes I find down in the comments section, per usual.

Also, as an admin note, as games pick up, I’ll transition this to a daily open forum format, per the voting from the previous forum. It’ll follow the format of my daily reports, recounting some key boxscore stats, and provide links to some interesting news and notes I find. Finally, I have no idea what’s going to happen to the site here. I’ve heard nothing about new admins or site managers or anything, so if others want to write fanposts and whatnot, have at it.