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Padres Winter League Forum: December 6-13

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Winter Meetings? Winter Meetings!

Good morning, Padres fans, and welcome to another week of the off-season.

The MLB Winter Meetings kick off virtually this week. While the Winter Meetings are usually just a time for MLB to pat itself on the back and maybe sign a few free agents, this year will have a little more on the old “To Do” list. First and foremost, Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association will need to sort through the 2021 season structure, from the universal DH and other on-field rules, to the playoff structure, all the way down to how many games will actually get played on the field, as fans will likely not be allowed in stadiums thanks to the on-going pandemic, causing ownership to once again cry poor (I’m putting the over/under at 120 games for the regular season; any takers?). Of course, these negotiations likely will not get decided this week, and will probably just set the stage for CBA negotiations for next year (yeah, I’m not overly optimistic either).

In the winter leagues, the Roberto Clement Winter League begins play down in Puerto Rico. As usual, I’ll post the boxscore stats, and anything else I find interesting, down in the comments section. If I miss a Padres player, let me know; MLB’s sites are usually terrible/haven’t been updated in forever, so I usually have to work my way through a bunch of places to find out who is playing where, and I occasionally miss some folks.

Go Padres!