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Jake Cronenworth named NL Rookie of the Year by players

Way to go, rook!

MLB: San Diego Padres at Seattle Mariners Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Late last week, 26-year old rookie Jake Cronenworth was awarded the National League’s Rookie of the Year honor which is voted on by his peers. He won the award over Phillies thirds baseman Alec Boehm and Brewers reliever Devin Williams.

Cronenworth started the season off hot, introducing himself with haste to the baseball world by winning NL rookie of the month for the month of August. He finished the season with a notable line of .285/.354/.477 to go with four home runs and 20 RBIs. Cronenworth also shined on the defensive side of the ball, as well. It wasn’t a normal night for the Padres if it didn’t include at least one eye-popping snag from his usual alignment at second base.

At the end of the year, Cronenworth led all rookies in runs scored with 26 while tying for the most games played with 56. His RBIs were also good for second-best among rookies.