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The Bat Flip by Fernando Tatis Jr.

He’s breaking all the unwritten rules and he doesn’t care who knows it.

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Even if you were a corpse during last night’s wild card game, and you didn’t see the incredible and swagger-filled bat flip from Fernando Tatis during one of his incredible two home runs against the Cardinals, you probably saw it throughout social media this morning because it was too beautiful not to take the internet by storm.

So beautiful, in fact, that we’d be crazy not to put that moment on a shirt for all of you guys who want to freeze that piece of history in time, and also wear it with pride.

The folks over at BreakingT were as vigilant as ever in drawing up a design to throw on a incredibly soft shirt. I’d hurry up and order yours fast, especially to receive it in time for the next round of the playoffs, because they ain’t going home tonight!

Go Padres and let’s get the dang thing done!