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Podcast: Padres’ Offseason Possibilities

Craig Elsten and I go through Dennis Lin’s article on The Athletic about offseason possibilities for the Padres.

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MLB: Seattle Mariners at Houston Astros
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In case you missed it, Dennis Lin of The Athletic wrote a very interesting article yesterday about the upcoming offseason for the San Diego Padres.

Since there’s not a lot else going on, Craig Elsten and I decided to go through this article and determine how realistic each of Dennis’ points were along with how happy we’d be with each potential move.

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Oh, and I’m aware that I’m going to take heat for my annoyance with Chris Paddack’s narrative this season. I’ve accepted it. As much as I love watching the kid pitch (and I really, really do), I can’t stand the mythos that some are attempting to build around him already.

To that point, one of the best parts of the conversation was had after we stopped recording. I said to Craig that I was fine with the mullet and cowboy hat and Texas pride, because I lived through it already with Andrew Cashner, but I thought that Paddack took it too far. To which Craig replied, “But between Cashner and Paddack, I know which one I’d trust to pitch a playoff game. Maybe that extra swagger that bothers you so much would’ve helped Cashner believe in himself a little more.” Game, point, and match to Elsten.