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List of San Diego’s 2019 Baseball America All-Stars

Organization brings home twenty-five percent of BA’s prospect MVP awards

Washington Nationals v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

The Padres no longer possess the consensus #1 farm system in baseball.

Before the 2019 season began, sites like Baseball America, Bleacher Report, and were united in heaping laurels upon the San Diego farm system, with each site placing the Padres org as second-to-none within the developmental ranks.

Talent at every level. Sky-high ceilings. By now, you are probably familiar with the plaudits surrounding San Diego’s system.

However, by midseason, Baseball America, for one, had downgraded the Padres farm to #2.

Two developments were central to this demotion: First, the big-league promotions of Fernando Tatis Jr., Chris Paddack, and Francisco Mejia dimmed a bit of the team’s top-10 sparkle; Second, the Tampa Bay Rays saw several prospects—including human Demogorgon Wander Franco—take significant developmental strides, which presaged the Rays grabbing Baseball America’s #1 ranking.

This, friends, is not to say that the Padres system is now devoid of talent.

Today, BA released a list of their Minor League All-Stars for 2019. This list, which was spearheaded by BA’s Kyle Glaser, identifies the best players at each level across all leagues. Unsurprisingly, the San Diego organization finds itself well represented on this prospect compendium, with 8 of BA’s Minor League All-Stars in their system.

The Padres have at least one BA All-Star representative at every stateside level aside from Short-Season, and, even more impressively, boast 3 players who take home BA MVP or Pitcher of the Year honors this year. Ty France and CJ Abrams were named as BA’s MVPs of Triple-A and Rookie ball, respectively, and Mackenzie Gore was identified as the best pitcher within the High-A ranks.

A complete list of San Diego’s 2019 BA All-Stars is presented below, with each prospect’s age in parenthesis alongside their more relevant stats. With performances like these, it wouldn’t be a shock to see this system reclaim the consensus #1 ranking in relatively short order.


C Austin Allen (25): .330/.379/.663; 21 HR in 270 ABs

3B/2B Ty France (25): .399/.477/.770; 27 HR in 296 ABs


2B/SS Owen Miller (22): .290/.355/.430; 13 HR in 507 ABs


C Luis Campusano (20): .325/.396/.509; 15 HR in 422 ABs

SP Mackenzie Gore (20): 7-1, 1.02 ERA in 79 IP, 110 SO


2B/SS Xavier Edwards (20): .336/.392/.414; 1 HR and 20 SB in 307 ABs

SP Joey Cantillo (20): 9-3, 1.93 ERA in 98 IP, 128 SO




SS CJ Abrams (18): .401/.442/.662; 3HR and 14SBs in 142 ABs (14 SO vs. 10 BB)