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What did the Padres give up in Victor Nova?

San Francisco Giants v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

As we all try to recover from the hangover of losing Franmil Reyes and Logan Allen, don’t forget there was a third piece that the Padres gave up in that mega deal. For some, getting over the trade will be easier than for others. I’m a big fan of Taylor Trammell so I’m all sorts of excited.

The final piece leaving the Padres organization was infielder Victor Nova. He is not a super prospect or anything, so the odds are his trade was the first time most people have heard of him. Since that was the case, he will largely be forgotten in this deal.

Here is the quick profile: Nova is a 19-year old infielder signed out of the Dominican Republic. He’s primarily played third during his career to this point, but has also found himself in the outfield.

Nova struggled last year as a member of the DSL Padres to the tune of .197/.370/.291. This year he is stateside and crushing it. Playing for the AZL Padres 1 team, he his slashing .330/.421/.451 through 26 games.

For a 19 year-old he is showing a very patient approach at the plate as well as good bat to ball skills. In 64 games he has a K/BB ratio of 52/48. His ability to get on base is going to be key for him because he does have some speed. He’s recorded seven steals this season. Overall, he ends his Padre career worth 136 wRC+ in 2019.

It doesn’t look like he is going to develop into a massive power threat due to his 5’9” frame. However, the speed part of his game is there. And that is not to say the pop will not be coming. That’s also not saying that he can’t still grow either. Jhon Torres, who the Indians traded to the Cardinals a year ago, went from below six feet to being 6’4” in one off-season. It happens.

There is always an element of risk involved when trading guys from the rookie levels. It is hard to predict if they will become a solid player or a trivia answer. Nova looks solid this year.

With guys like Reyes and Allen departing, Nova’s name will get lost in the shuffle. He may never turn into anything, but the Indians saw something they liked in him. More likely than not, Nova will not be the reason this trade becomes a success or a failure.

For now, be excited about Trammell. Or don’t. I am excited enough for all of us.