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Padres trade Franmil Reyes and Logan Allen for AA OF Taylor Trammell

Padres are third team in Trevor Bauer deal

San Diego Padres v New York Mets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

In a move that feels like familiar old times, the Padres moved today to trade a few of their big leaguers for a high potential developmental prospect.

As the third team in the Trevor Bauer deal, San Diego sends Franmil Reyes, Logan Allen, and rookie-ball infielder Victor Nova to Cleveland. Cincinnati, who have been seen as in a similar window of contention as the Padres, make a “win-in-2020” move in acquiring Trevor Bauer. Cincinnati then sends OF Yasiel Puig and lefty prospect Scott Moss to Cleveland, while OF Taylor Trammell goes to San Diego. The trade, as reported so far, looks like this:

    Taylor Trammell
    Franmil Reyes
    Yasiel Puig (on an expiring contract; 98 wRC+ in 2019)
    Logan Allen
    Victor Nova
    Scott Moss
    Trevor Bauer

I will be writing more about this deal—and any subsequent moves—in the coming days, but at first blush it feels like a huge nut-punch. Franmil Reyes has ended up being the central piece in the deal for Trevor Bauer—but Bauer isn’t even coming to San Diego to help us win next year. Instead, he heads to another rebuilding club which, apparently, has it’s eyes truly set on next year, instead of 2022.

I say 2022 because, optimistically, that’s the earliest point at which the player the Padres acquired, Taylor Trammell, should be ready to contribute high-level results. Trammell is a legit prospect, no doubt—currently, he’s ranked 32nd in the game for Fangraphs. Unfortunately, much of that hype is based on projection. The 21-year-old has never hit .300 in a league above rookie ball, has never hit more than 13 home runs, and, in his first taste of AA pitching this year, is slashing .236/.350/.338. His calling card is speed, which is something Padres GM seems to have become infatuated with. As some will note, Trammell also has an elite on-base profile for someone his age, and is considered an excellent outfielder.

However, in the wide-angle, there is no way this deal can make the team better in the next two years. The Padres gave up a big leaguer, as well as at least a AAAA option in Logan Allen, and got back someone who in all likelihood and consensus opinion will not be with the club until 2021.


That’s a tough question to answer right now. Unfortunately, it seems as if this move is a combination of two things.

One, I’m assuming that Preller has a serious interest in Trammell that may have caused him to pay a premium for a prospect. For a GM with so many questions about his approach to MLB team-building, it’s concerning that he felt spurred to convert young, controllable productive MLB talent (warts aside) into another prospect to add to his glittering collection of prospect rubies. I can just see Preller crouching over the next big top prospect list like Gollum, muttering “MY PRECIOUS” ad infinitum.

Second, this move clears at-bats for Wil Myers, who, beginning next year, is a $20MM per year man. He will need to play somewhere, and it sure as hell isn’t center (or third, or first, or...). So, adios, Franimal, y vaya con dios.

I apologize if I sound shrill right now but, for what it’s worth, the general consensus to our side of this deal is that it is mixed. To end on a positive note, I’m going to leave the following reaffirming tweets, to lift our collective spirits and help us dream on another kid with potential. In the meantime, I’m going to go watch Franmil GIFs while 80’s love ballads play on my stereo.