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Fanpulse: Stroman best player available. Yates and Renfroe make an appearance

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When surveyed about who the best available player is, Marcus Stroman won by a landslide. However, 2 Padres made an appearance which is interesting to see.

Kirby Yates 18.63%

Justin Smoak 5.57%

Marcus Stroman 44.75%

Hunter Renfroe 10.19%

Will Smith 20.86%

Do you approve of the job Andy Green is doing?

Yes 50%

No 50%

Greens approval rating has started to take a major hit in recent weeks. Fans have been harder and harder on him as the season goes on. He has yet to go under the 50% mark, but there is a clear divide amongst the fan base on what should happen with him.

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Are you confident in the overall direction of the Padres?

Yes 89%

No 11%

This number has ticked down a little, but fans still overwhelmingly feel good about the future. A trade deadline deal could move this number up or down very easily.

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