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Podcast: The Padres have hit a wall

Craig and John get together to talk about the team’s recent post-ASG slump.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Chicago Cubs Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, for the first time in weeks, Craig Elsten and myself were in the same city at the same time and got a chance to get together to record an episode of Make the Padres Great Again.

In addition to a skunk appearance and a gnat invasion, here’s what you can look forward to in this episode:

  • A devastating post-All-Star break for the San Diego Padres
  • If things have gone so bad that it’s time for the Padres to sell on Yates (and what that should look like)
  • What the kids coming up (Urias, Morejon, Baez) means for this season
  • Has Margot figured it out finally?
  • Hosmer’s terrible, and predictable, summer slump
  • ”The Opener” and why it makes sense for San Diego

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