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Urias and Morejón called up

Morejón not on 40 man roster

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

News of Luis Urias being called up was met with collective joy amongst Padre fans. Add futures game selection Adrian Morejón to the mix?

Don’t tease us.

Fans have made their “let the kids play” stance known. They don’t want veteran placeholders to occupy roster spots anymore. They want the young studs and they want them now. There are a couple of things the team could be angling for including the possibility of showcasing prospects in an effort to acquire a legitimate star over the next few weeks.

It could be that it’s simply time to stop goofing around and they need to figure out who the future is. For every Fernando Tatis Jr there’s a Sean Burroughs.

What category will Urias and Morejón be in?

Time will tell. Fans have been calling on the team to give Urias a shot for months. Morejón was a bigger surprise, but not surprising when you consider Aj Preller and the way he works.

It’s unclear what’s to come over the next few weeks. One thing we do know? The Padres will be in the thick of it. They’re going to be fans and writers on their toes the entire month.

Should be fun, here we go.