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Padres call up Andres Munoz

Flame thrower will likely have a chance to pitch in the late innings

Literal flame thrower (104 MPH ) Andres Munoz has been called up by the Padres, AJ Cassavell of reports.

The 20 year old projects as a future closer, but will likely start in the middle innings to get his feet wet. If he has success, he’ll be pitching in the 8th inning in no time. The team has had bullpen issues all season, but are firmly in the playoff hunt. If Munoz can provide some stability over the next few weeks, it may make AJ Preller and the front office more comfortable going after a front line starter.

Truthfully, they probably will anyway.

He’s thrown 114.2 innings throughout his minor league career. He owns a 2.96 ERA and has 161 SO’s vs 67 Walks. His walk total has declined overall, but will certainly be something to watch for.