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Looking at a possible Noah Syndergaard trade

It’s possible the team could get a deal done without moving Gore or Patino

MLB: Atlanta Braves at New York Mets Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

The Noah Syndergaard circus has officially begun. Story after story has been posted about a possible deal. As per usual, the Padres are in the middle of the trade rumors. Syndergaard hasn’t been great this year. Positing a 6-4 record and 4.68 ERA. Over his career, he’s 43-26 with a legit 3.23 ERA.

He’s also turning just 27 in August... a young front line starter.

Plus, he and Chris Paddack could have a “hair off”. That’d be fun to watch.

Yes, a deal makes sense. Nobody wants to be like the White Sox and trade a Tatis Jr for James Shields, but this is a different scenario. Let’s look at possible packages.

Hunter Renfroe, Andres Muñoz and a prospect for Noah Syndergaard and a Reliever

Look, I hear you screaming “Not Renfroe!”. And, I get it. Renfroe has been an absolute beast this year. He’s hit 27 bombs, and is a hot streak away from exceeding Greg Vaughn’s 50 homer season in 1998. However, you have to give to get. Muñoz is another tough pill to swallow, but it’s worth the risk.

Francisco Mejia, Michel Baez and Josh Naylor for Noah Syndergaard and a reliever

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t believe the Padres see Mejia as their future catcher. I think they started playing him to rebuild/sustain his value. His 1st 2 tours didn’t go particularly well, but he’s obviously talented. Baez gives the Mets a young near ready arm in return. Baez is a top 10 prospect, but’s he’s not Luis Patino or Mackenzie Gore.

Luis Urias, Logan Allen and prospect for Noah Syndergaard

Urias has a bright future as big leaguer. The reality is he’ll never play on the left side of the infield. Truthfully, the Padres are incredibly deep in middle infielders in general. Urias could fetch a big return. Fans wouldn’t be happy about sticking with Kinsler and Garcia for now, but they’re actually playing amicably. Allen has had a good start to his career and could become a #3-4 starter in the future. With the depth of arms, he’s expendable. He’s a good young prospect that can entice the Mets to let go of Syndergaard.

Those are just a few possibilities you can look at. There are certainly more, but generally speaking these are a lot of the movable pieces. I don’t see the team being willing to move Franmil Reyes. Yes, it will take a few talented players to make a deal happen. The team is in a position where they can do it without jeopardizing their future. They’re much closer than people think to contending at a high level. Syndergaard is in a contract year, so it’s likely the team would do their homework on an extension first. However, it does put the Padres in a good position from a bargaining standpoint since he’ll be arbitration eligible.

What do you think folks? Let’s here your thoughts!