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2019 Draft Thread: Padres sign C.J. Abrams

The San Diego Padres have announced the signing of 2019 first round pick C.J. Abrams. He will be introduced later today.

Abrams is a legitimate speed threat who can develop power from the left side of the plate as he adds to his frame. He is a seriously talented player, which is why the Padres snatched him up at sixth overall. The terms are under slot value at $5.2 million. The slot value for sixth overall is $5.74 million.

Abrams was committed to Alabama. The big question going forward with him will be where he fits in defensively. Many believe he will not stick at shortstop, but would make a good outfielder. As long as his bat and speed develop, he will find a place on the field.

For those interested in comps he draws one to Dee Gordon, but with more pop in his bat. Signing first rounders is exciting, especially ones that can wait. However, teams don’t waste first round picks unless they believe they can sign the player. The Padres were right.

How do you all feel about C.J. Abrams?